Wisdom8’s Signature Programme for the CEO Lifecycle

There are three defined phases in the CEO Lifecycle, each with their own unique set of challenges; according to Wisdom8, a leading CEO, board and executive development firm. The firm, which coaches C-Suite leaders in some of the world’s largest, fast-growth brands, has developed its CEO Signature programme to tackle the distinct challenges faced by incoming, mid-term and departing CEOs.

Wisdom8’s Co-founders, Georgina Woudstra and Katherine Tulpa (who is also Chair and Co-founder of the Association for Coaching) created the CEO Signature programme to bring a holistic approach to board level coaching. The programme includes 720º assessments, often including input from CEOs stakeholders and family, to provide insights into how business leaders can achieve personal and professional development goals, whilst managing the immense pressures of their role.

Says Georgina: “Once the euphoria of appointment has passed, incoming CEOs find themselves under pressure from the scrutiny of their stakeholders. Often they can be too slow to put their own fingerprint and authority on an organisation, which can be interpreted as weakness. The other extreme is the ego-driven CEO who tries to shake-up the team and the business in an attempt to establish their authority and credibility.

“Our role is to help them to identify the appropriate strategy for transforming organisational and top team performance. For instance, turnaround CEOs appointed to rescue businesses from freefall must have a different mindset to those dealing with companies experiencing organic and acquisitive growth. It is important to get them to see themselves as a coach of their team so that they are able to invigorate, empower and hold the focus of each team member. ”

Katherine also comments: “CEOs in the middle of their tenure need to be adaptable. As well as maintaining stability in their team and business momentum, they need to be aware of the bigger picture and be able to foresee global, societal and industry trends. Our role is often to help them to rethink their initial strategy and build for the future, whilst delivering short-term results.

“Towards the end of their tenure, CEOs face the responsibility of finding and grooming a suitable replacement. This requires a huge shift on many levels, as they must prepare to hand over the reins and act as mentor to the next CEO in order for the organisation to keep a solid identity. Many CEOs find this difficult as it takes humility and the ability to let go of a role that has often become all-consuming. We help them through the challenges of succession to enable them to secure their future legacy.”

For more information on Wisdom8’s CEO Signature programme or details on the next CEO Retreat being held in France on the 9th – 11th of September 2008, visit www.wisdom8.com

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About Wisdom8:

Wisdom8 is a boutique coaching firm dedicated to developing some of the world’s top business leaders in emerging, fast growth companies. Wisdom8 works with CEOs, Boards and top teams across diverse and multi-cultural businesses to enhance performance and work towards greater success. The organisation brings together a team of board level coaches and specialists, known within their field, from a range of private industry sectors. Wisdom8 offers Wisdom Retreats, as well as 1:1 Executive and Top Team programmes that are tailored to needs and designed to enhance participants’ personal and business effectiveness.