Clinical Research Organisations Can Cut Medical Equipment Costs by 75%

Research by medical equipment procurement firm, MESM, has revealed that in the long term, clinical research organisations can save up to 75% by purchasing rather than hiring medical equipment. According to the firm, buying offers the lowest total cost solution, with reduced costs after just one year of ownership on key equipment such as ECGs.

To offer the convenience benefits of hiring, MESM’s new Outsourcing Programme has been developed to offer maintenance and storage solutions for purchased equipment, allowing clients to invest in medical equipment and reap the convenience and customer service benefits of equipment hire, without the rolling costs.

Through the scheme, the firm sources the required equipment, delivers worldwide and manages equipment maintenance and calibration during the study. A weekly equipment maintenance report is also sent to the customer detailing equipment tracking, maintenance, problems and location details. Once the study has ended, MESM collects and stores the equipment until required for the next site or study.

Established in 2007, current clients range from small companies without a purchasing department to multi-national corporations running clinical trials. The firm takes on varied commissions ranging from sourcing individual items, to adopting full responsibility for customers’ purchasing requirements.

Based in Lancashire, MESM’s experience includes 30 years of Global purchasing operations and 10 years in the medical equipment supply and service industry. The firm aims to bridge the gap between manufacturers and end users offering the complete procurement, supply and service management on behalf of customers.

MESM supplies a wide range of medical equipment for doctors, hospitals, laboratories, clinical trials and patient at home care, including ECGs, BP Monitors, Spirometers, refrigeration, ultrasound, incubators and centrifuges.

For further information on MESM products and services visit or call 01257 270051.

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